La Casota Vegan

Vegan and Organic

Breakfast is available from 8:00 to 10:00 in our cozy and comfortable Breakfast Room which overlooks the large terrace.
When the morning is warm and welcoming, we serve breakfast on the terrace.


Breakfast at La Casota changes every day!

Vegetable cheeses handmade by Titti at La Casota

Titti is the creative mind of La Casota’s cuisine. Every day we will amaze you with a variety of meals that are always 100% vegan, mainly local, seasonal and organically grown.

At La Casota you will discover that the preparation of breakfast is the nut of our hospitality philosophy  that will enjoy you throughout your holiday.

We will not just treat, spoil and pamper you: for our guests we prepare a breakfasts that better their lives. During your stay at La Casota, you will be delighted by the taste of a healthy and cruelty-free food that awakens the senses and stimulates our best sensibilities.

Every morning you will find an amazing breakfast buffet, prepared with our hearts. Little surprises will arrive on your table directly for you from the kitchen, freshly prepared.

Non-vegan guests will discover a rich, imaginative and tasty cuisine that will stimulate them discovering a new dimension of eating harmoniously for the planet and all its inhabitants.

All proudly handmade!

Titti says Yes we can!

One of La Casota’s flagships is Handmade Food! Most of the foods you will find here are handmade, starting with yogurt and bread, and ending with cakes, biscuits, burgers and the stunning vegetable cheeses.
In addition to a conscious, healthy and ecological choice, it is also a creative activity from which Titti gets a great satisfaction and with which she daily cheers her guests: “We consider handmade food a small daily gesture of rebellion against those who would like us to depend on processed food, made with poor quality ingredients of unknown origins“, she proudly states.

Titti is also the author of the cook book Fai colazione e brunch a casa! in which are collected some of the most original recipes taken from La Casota’s breakfasts.


The philosophically revolutionary idea of veganism is that we can feel good, eat well and dress properly without destroying the Earth or torturing animals. Leonardo Caffo


Some of La Casota’s culinary creations

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