La Casota Vegan

The Terrace

Breakfast on the terrace

You can enjoy magnificent breakfasts even on the large terrace near the breakfast room, if you prefer to stay outdoors in the morning. You will be welcomed by the amber light and the clear sky of the Garda mornings while you enjoy the rich breakfasts of La Casota.

The terrace for your own lunches and dinners

The terrace of La Casota is equipped with tables and chairs, available for you all the day long. In addition to the outdoor spaces of each room, you can also freely use the terrace for sunbathing or to taking your own meals. If you want to buy your meals in the take-away and shops of Torbole, or prepare some sandwiches by yourself, at La Casota you will find many quiet corners and areas equipped for you and your family to eat your meals. One of our guests’ favorites is the terrace … it is not uncommon for our guests to meet here for a take-away pizza in the evening! Nearby there are restaurants, pizzerias and grocery stores where you can buy good vegan food.

We invite our guests to consume only vegan products at the Casota, respecting the philosophy of the place and the choice of other guests who have decided to stay in a 100% vegan B&B. Even if you have not embraced the vegan choice, you are welcome here. But we invite you to consider, respect and benefit from the harmony of the place that hosts you, in all its forms.

For reasons of safety and hygiene regulations that we strictly observe, we cannot allow the use of the kitchen to our guests. Anyway, in each room you will find a fridge to store your food and a kettle with cups for a warm accompaniment.

Events on the terrace

La Casota Terrace hosts some events that we sometimes organize: book presentations, courses, breakfasts or brunches to raise funds for the organizations we support. The events are all organized with the highest respect of our guests’ tranquility.
Those interested in bringing entertainment activities to La Casota can write to Sebastiano.


La terrazza al tramonto