La Casota Vegan

Animals are welcome!

At La Casota your animal friends are welcome, for free! We only ask you to organize your friends’ holiday respecting their habits and the other guests in the B&B.

The area is completely fenced and secure, you can leave your friend under your supervision and follow him to collect the droppings.

At Casota we always proceed to carefully clean and sanitize the rooms. For the hygiene and respect of the guest who will come after you, we ask you to avoid picking up your friends on beds, sofas and armchairs.
If your furry friend is accustomed to sleeping on the bed with you, just let us know and we’ll let you find suitable cover on arrival, if you don’t already have one.

Some of our very nice furry guests!

Have you been at La Casota with your animal friends? Send us a photo, we will be very happy to remember them on this page!