La Casota Vegan

Pelèr Room

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  • Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Toilet and shower
  • Fridge
  • Hairdryer
  • Clotheshorse
  • Electric kettle and cups
  • Third bed

Pelèr Room

The Pelèr blows from the North from the early hours of the night until 11.00-12.00 in the morning. It is a strong wind and owes its name to the fact that the wind “peels” the waves. It can also blow at over 25 knots.

The bright green identifies this large, bright and airy room. The Pelèr is a double room with an independent entrance, private bathroom and third bed if needed (armchair bed).
Pelèr is equipped with fridge, ceiling fan, hair dryer, clothes horse and an electric kettle with cups.

Comforts and use of La Casota rooms

At the Casota you will find three spacious rooms in which you can live an unforgettable vacation. Each room is named as one of the winds blowing on the Alto Garda Trentino: Òra, Pèler and Ponale.
All rooms at La Casota are spacious and equally equipped, each with the same comforts, but each room has its own peculiarities and personality. The green of the hills distinguishes the Pèler room, the intense blue of Lake Garda welcome you in the Òra room, while the blue of the clear mornings on Lake Garda receives you in the Ponale room.
In each room you will find an independent entrance and an outdoor space that can be used for your relaxation or to consume your own meals.

Lots of space for your meals…

In addition to the open spaces of each room, you can also freely use the breakfast terrace for sunbathing or to eat your meals from the local take aways. If you want to buy your meals in the outdoor areas or prepare some sandwiches, at La Casota you will find many quiet corners and areas equipped for you and your family to have your meals and relax. It is not rare then that our guests meet in the evening on the terrace for a pizza! Naturally, in respect of the choices of the other guests and the vegan nature of La Casota, we recommend that the food you want to introduce to the Casota adhere to the vegan choice.
You can also have your meals in your room, if you prefer. All rooms are equipped with a fridge where you can store your food and drinks.

… and lots of space to relax!

At La Casota, in addition to your room, you can use all the outdoor spaces, relax and have a chat in the Reception Lounge or, if you are braver, you can swing in the hammock or in the suspended armchair, hanged between the trees.