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Sport and Outdoor

The area of ​​Torbole and Alto Garda Trentino (Upper Lake Garda) is known worldwide for the sporting opportunities offered by water, winds and mountains. Enthusiasts of sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, down hill, hiking, trekking and climbing  find their paradise here!

Every year in Torbole take place many championships of all these disciplines and categories, even world-wide competitions, which attract many enthusiasts.

In recent years Torbole has become famous among cyclists for its bike tracks from 5km to 45km. In the village there are many shops, cycle-workshops and services designed for those who love mountain biking and downhill. The fame of the competitions has attracted brands like Scott, Cannondale and LiteVille that opened their branded stores here.

In your room you will find all the necessary information including free paper guides for your preferred sports, where to do it and how to get there. The guides are free for you and will help you planning your next vacation at La Casota!

Some sport organizations in Torbole, offering courses and equipment rentals