La Casota Vegan

About Us

Titti, Joy e Sebastiano
Tiziana, Sebastiano and Joy in the garden of La Casota – Photo courtesy of Yari Simone Prete @vegantraveller

We are Tiziana and Sebastiano, we created the first 100% ethical vegan Bed & Breakfast in Trentino that allows our guests to spend an unforgettable cruelty free holiday on Lake Garda.

We converted a family home, La Casota, into a vegan welcome place for humans and animal friends. We love to welcome you in a family atmosphere, delight you with Titti’s amazing vegan cuisine and make your stay an unforgettable ethical, cruelty free and ecological experience for animals and the Earth.
Guests who have not yet embraced the vegan choice are equally welcome and pampered. They will experience an exquisite vegan cuisine and cruelty free life: it is one of our ways to bring harmony to the world.

La Casota, a family welcome tradition

Animal liberation is human liberation, too. Peter Singer

Titti la nonna Elisabetta e il nonno, davanti alla Casota
A little Titti with her grandmother Elisabetta and granfather Giacinto, in front of La Casota

Casota means small house, tiny home in local Lake Garda dialect.

Elisabetta, Tiziana’s grandmother, began to open one of the rooms of her house to the few travelers passing through, in the years around 1950. At that time, Torbole was a small fishing village. Certainly Grandma Elisabetta would never have imagined how Torbole and her house would have become a few decades later!

From that small rented room to earn a little more in those hard times, grandmother Elisabetta gradually built a bigger house and then … a hotel! At that point the original house was the smallest of the others and here came its name: La Casota, the small house.

For many decades grandmother Elisabetta’s sons and daughter ran the hotel together. Among them was also Lidia, Tiziana’s mother, who lived for a long time at La Casota, then leaving it to her daughter.

In 2012, tired of an employee’s life, Tiziana decided to devote herself completely to her passions: cooking and hospitality, a family tradition for three generations.



Una piccolissima Titti con i genitori a tavola sotto il pergolato della Casota
A very young Titti with her parents, eating under the veranda at La Casota

In 2012, Tiziana, together with her husband Sebastiano, gave a new life to La Casota, transforming it into a B&B full of hospitality and warmth.

A place of well-being like those they saw in their many trips around the world, experiences to which they have added their personal philosophy of hospitality and guest satisfaction.

They had expecially affected by the B&Bs in New Zealand and the Pacific islands, where people are housed in a simple, spontaneous and sincere way, regardless of their origin, ethnicity, religion, inclination and habits.

La Casota has had a new life on these solid foundations and today here we meet travelers from all over the world who easily socialize and become familiar with both Titti and Seb, always smiling and informal, and with other guests. Many beautiful friendships were born at La Casota!

Our Vegan Choice, our committment

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. Immanuel Kant

We consider the B&B La Casota our personal contribution and daily commitment to active change for a better world. A place where cruelty, violence and oppression are banned, especially if against animals. They are the last bearers of rights, the last subjects, those who have no voice and the ones who are deprived of the fundamental rights.

After about thirty years of vegetarian choice, in 2006 we tackled the problem by thinking more about it: our idea of respect and love of animals had evolved, we understood they were tortured and massacred uselessly, just for food purposes. This led us to embrace a firm ethical position, and become vegan. At that point, the nascent B&B, the project we wanted to give life to, could not have been anything other than a vegan B&B, whose spirit was expressed every morning in the breakfast, the most important moment of the day, prepared with care, compassion, love and no kind of cruelty for anyone.

Titti con un vassoio di crepe veganOur B&B is 100% vegan and was the first in Trentino. We are resolute people: we didn’t listened to the statistics and unfavorable opinions, despite all telling us that it was not yet time for a completely vegan B&B. We accepted no compromises, for us it was inconceivable letting  animal products enter here, even a few to attract more guests, as many other B&B and hotels do. We listened our hearts, our choice of love for all living beings and we are still happy and proud of it. Sincerity is very dear to us, as is the acceptance of all living beings.

We define ourselves as antispecists, because we believe that the specie to which we belong has no right over other species, and can’t decide others rights to life and death.
Starting from the need to give our grandchildren a better world, we believe that the vegan choice is the real revolutionary choice for the environment, people and animals. It is not a lifestyle, it is not a diet or a fashion, it is not a cult or a religion, it is an ethical position, not negotiable, at the center of which there is respect for every other living sentient being. It is an expression of empathy and compassion. We have felt the categorical imperative of being consistent, because whoever does not take a position is always fatally on the side of the executioner, never of the victim.

We have collaborated with various animal welfare organizations. We host fund-raising for some associations at La Casota. In the winter months we live in Milan and participate as volunteers in the activities of the Compagnia della Polenta, a vegan association that provides vegan food, drinks, fruit, clothing and products for personal care (as well as moral support and products) every Thursday evening, to a group of around 100 homeless people living in Milan. The project was started by a group of friends, thanks to the common work of animal rights volunteers, who decided not to remain indifferent to the umpteenth news of a homeless person who died of hypothermia in the city of Milan.

This is our very small contribution to the last, the voiceless, both animals or humans.

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men. Leonardo da Vinci