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The Opening Is Postponed But Here We Are!

Dear friends,

due to the Coronavirus epidemic, it seems it isn’t safe to open our B&B on May 1st.

Now we are unable to give you a date for the reopening because we need to verify the evolution of the present situation. When it will be safe for everyone to reopen, we will communicate the exact date. Of course we hope to do it soon!

We’re accepting bookings from July to October, but in a safe mode: in case of failure to reopen the deposit will be returned.

For us and for you, it is a positive way of thinking about the future with something beautiful waiting for us, when the emergency will be over. We will meet at La Casota, on our beautiful Lake Garda, recharging ourselves with the sun, the air and splendid walks with our pet friends … as well as with the new delicacies that Titti has already invented for the 2020 season!

With love,

Sebastiano, Tiziana and Joy

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